Malbec Reserva Wine Gift


A stunning Malbec from Chile’s Elqui Valley. Lush and very pure with rose petal, violet, white pepper aromas. Bright palate with succulent blackberries and spiced game finish.  A fabulous gift for wine lovers who love to keep up with the latest trend.

Presented in a quality Giftbox, Ribbon and Personalised Message Card.
Packed with sustainable recycled natural paper shred and recyclable tissue.

Viña Falernia Malbec Reserva 2013 75cl PO V

O-organic; PO-practising organic; B-biodynamic;
PB-practising biodynamic; V-vegan; VE-vegetarian; 
S-sustainable; F-fairtrade; MI-minimal intervention; 
A-artisanal; GF-gluten free; DF-dairy free; SF-soya free

Elqui Valley

If your acquaintance with the vineyards of Chile doesn’t extend beyond Maipo, Rapel and Colchagua, the Elqui Valley might come as a bit of a shock. First of all, this northern enclave of earth tremors and UFO-spotting really does resemble a valley, running east to west and with a growing population of vines drawing on the vital irrigation of the Elqui River (there’s typically less than three inches of rainfall a year in this arid region).

At a time when Elqui was better known for distilling Pisco and for growing other fruit, Falernia was a true pioneer, led by cousins Aldo Olivier Gramola (who also makes Pisco) and Trentino winemaker Giorgio Flessati.

This Italian-inspired revolution has seen the planting of a 320-hectare estate on four sites along the valley, from the sometimes fog-shrouded, low-altitude area near the Pacific right up to more than 2,000 metres above sea level – some of the highest altitude vineyards on earth.

This diversity of microclimates and soil types allows for everything from Sauvignon Blanc to Syrah to thrive here, expressing a purity of fruit and freshness that is the envy of many vineyards further south.

New last year from Falernia were a Riesling and a Malbec, the latter benefiting from Elqui’s combination of unrivalled sunny weather to concentrate fruit, and cool nights to preserve elegance and finesse.

Green Matters & Social Responsibility

Viña Falernia is highly committed to improving productive processes with the lowest environmental impact in the vineyards and in the winery as well.

In addition to the organic management of an important part of the vineyards, we are respecting the native trees of the area by planting new plants on the borders of the vineyards. Moreover Falernia uses products that respect and protect the ecosystem.

The limited water supply is carefully managed as well. A very modern drip irrigation system together with the constant monitoring of the soil water content, allow Falernia to increase its efficiency. We are recycling several products of the vines, transforming organic materials (skins, stokes, etc.) into compost that we use as fertilizer, reducing chemical needs.

Falernia For Life - Social Responsibility Certification

Confirms that workers enjoy fair safe working conditions covering all key labour aspects from core ILO workers rights to good employment conditions. It also evaluates the operator's overall environmental performance and its role and impact in the local community. For Life Certification confirms that a company is committed to act as a responsible employer and promoter of sustainable practices and that producer groups have transparent internal structures with fair relations to producers.

Viña Falernia is strongly commited with the Elqui Valley community and one of the most important priorities is to contribute to the development of the local people.

Our employees are 95% from the Valley, we are training them both in the vineyards and in the winery and we are one of the very fiew wineries without an office in Santiago. For us, local people are our main priority for the future plans.

The company is also involved with the code of sustainability, reaching the highest quality production at a reasonable cost, better efficiency and respect for the local community.

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