More about Sustainable Champagne Gifts

Our Sustainable Champagne Gifts include Champagnes produced from sustainable viticulture. Planet friendly, vegan friendly and beautifully presented in eco friendly gift packaging for guilt free enjoyment.

Champagne Gifts make a fabulous celebratory gift fit for any occasion be it birthdays, anniversaries or to say thank you, congratulations or simply enjoy as a treat! At Food of the Gods we believe gifting Champagne should not and need not cost the earth or our environment (literally speaking) which is why we have opted for a hand-picked selection of sustainable and vegan friendly champagnes by Taittinger and Jacquart.

Sustainable and Vegan Friendly Champagne Gifts
When it comes to champagne, not everyone knows that pesticides are commonly used in the region for controlling mold in the vineyards. At Food of the Gods we are passionate about champagne that has been produced with due care for the environment and firmly believe in sustainable viticulture that is kind, caring and nurturing to our planet and biodiversity. And to that effect we have opted for a hand-picked selection of sustainable and vegan friendly champagnes by Taittinger and Jacquart.

Vegan Friendly Champagne Gifts
So what makes champagne vegan friendly?
Champagnes which have not been subjected to fining agents such as :-
– isinglass (swim bladders of fish)
– gelatin (animal protein from the skin and connective tissue of pigs and cows)
– carmine(the bodies of dried cochineal beetles)
– casein(a protein derived from milk)
– chitosan (made from crustaceans)
– egg albumen (egg whites)

Some champagnes also use sugar in their recipes, and many times this is refined using bone char.

Champagne Gifts in Eco Friendly Presentation Gift Packaging
When it comes to gifting champagne, at Food of the Gods we understand how important presentation is whilst being aware of the impact of packaging on our environment. So to that end we are committed to using sturdy, stylish and eco friendly gift boxes, sustainable baskets, hampers and recycled and recyclable packaging materials without compromising the presentation of our gifts.

Choose from one bottle, two bottle and three bottle Champagne Gift Sets including a selection of classic cuvee champagne, rose champagne and vintage champagne all beautifully presented in stylish eco-friendly gift boxes ready for UK, Europe and international delivery from Food of the Gods.

Alternatively we also offer a bespoke service and can advise on other champagne brands and arrange a champagne gift to suit your requirements.