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At Food of the Gods we’ve been lovingly handcrafting exquisite food and wine gift hampers for over 20 years!

Our story started in 1995 when we started supplying thank you gifts for the events industry with the humble but classic gift of champagne & chocolates with our own imported Belgian chocolates and Swiss truffles. Hence our name “Food of the Gods” inspired by the Mayan’s who aptly named ‘cocoa’ the “food of the gods”!

Over the years we diversified our offerings to meet the demand from our valued clients. Today we want to meet the challenge that faces all of us in protecting our planet whilst delivering exceptional food & wine gifts and hampers on behalf of our customers and recipients.


When it comes to gift food and wine, we mindfully create delicious gifts and hampers. At Food of the Gods we believe food and wine gift hampers should be about the quality of the food and not flashy packaging so we handpick only the very best artisan food and wine made with the highest quality natural and wholesome ingredients.

We love our planet and are aware that the food and wine in our gift hampers should be produced from sustainable sources and without unnecessary waste and pollution. To that end we have eliminated foods which produce disproportionate amount of co2 gases causing climate change. And in the interest and health of our planet, customers and recipients we choose to promote organic, sustainable and vegan friendly food as standard in all our gifts and hampers.

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Everyone loves a treat but many hampers available in the market today are full of processed snacks, confectionery, cakes, biscuits, chocolate and savoury foodstuff. Too often they contain high levels of sugar and unwanted additives. Even most dark chocolate products contain a high amount of sugar to offset the bitterness. Frequently the majority of such products contain palm oil to reduce their cost but palm oil whether or not certified sustainable is directly causing habitat loss, loss of diversity, species extinction and climate change. At Food of the Gods, we are proud to be “PALM OIL FREE”!

Our focus is on quality foods that offer nutritional value such as nuts, olives, dried fruits, fresh fruit, preserves, teas and vegetable pates. We select products made with natural ingredients and low levels of sugar without compromising their deliciousness. Our focus is always on quality rather than quantity – as the saying goes “less is more”.

Wherever possible we choose organic products especially when they contain dairy and eggs such as traditional shortbread, mince pies and cakes. We ensure that any products containing eggs are at least free range if not organic. When it comes to savoury products we love to choose healthy versions which are made with oats, wholewheat, seeds and natural flavourings.


At Food of the Gods, we are passionate about the environment and love food and wine produced through organic and sustainable practices. Organic farming increases bio diversity and reduces reliance on pesticides which are harmful to bees, birds and insects which are essential for pollination and all life including us.

Many of the foods found in gift hampers have a high water footprint. For example, it takes on average 1700 litres of water to make 100g chocolate bar; 654 litres of water to produce 75cl bottle of wine; 18900 litres of water to produce 1 kilo of roasted coffee (your typical 227g coffee bag takes 4290 litres of water to make). Which is why you’ll find our range of hampers and gifts are full of food and wine produced organically and sustainable farming and viticulture.

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We are committed to reducing waste by choosing products which are purposefully made to fight waste and those that are plastic free wherever possible. We recycle all packing materials from our suppliers.

The gifting trade is synonymous with all kinds of packaging from colourful paper-lined gift boxes to wooden crates, hampers and baskets. At Food of theGods we believe gifting shouldn’t be about expensive printed polluting packaging which is why we have selected simple, sturdy yet stylish gift boxes with the least amount of printing. After all the packaging isn’t for eating!

The presentation of our gifts is enhanced by simple and subtle touches of satin ribbon; tissue paper and a swing tag all of which including the gift boxes are recyclable and reusable. All of the protective packaging for our gifts and hampers are partly recycled materials but fully recyclable.


Each Food of the Gods gift hamper is lovingly filled with select artisan, organic,sustainable and vegan friendly food and wine; beautifully presented, wrapped and sent with love.
All you have to do is to choose your perfect gift hamper, add your sentiment and we’ll do the rest!

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In our opinion, nothing is more joyful than sending a gift hamper filled with delicious food and wine made with love and consideration for both the recipient and the planet.

This is pure enjoyment worth giving!

We hope you enjoy our Gift Food and Wine Collection and look forward to being of service.

With Best Wishes,

Food of the Gods


sustainable food and wine hampers
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