About Us


One of the most dramatic changes over the last few years has been the shift towards organic food and the desire of consumers for more nutritious, less chemically laden food. A change I wholly embrace and welcome because I have been disillusioned for so many years by the food and drink that is crammed into food and wine gifts and hampers driven by packaging and the allure of “fine food” without any attention to the ingredients, the source of ingredients, nutrition and deliciousness.

Alongside this shift, we are experiencing increasing awareness of the impact intensive food production practices have on climate change and our environment. And there is a formidable movement and growing sensitivity towards greater animal welfare. All these shifts have and continue to result in increased organic and sustainable food production and a growth of 360% in the vegan food market last year alone.

It’s hard not to be affected and influenced by such changes, so much so that they have become a driving force to embrace and bring about a new vision for Food of the Gods.

And so it is our mission to be committed to sourcing from the best artisan producers who are passionate and dedicated to producing the most nutritious, delicious food with wholesome, natural and organic ingredients so that we can dedicate to being the online shop for ethical foodies in search of the ultimate foodie gift.

So without much further ado, it is my pleasure to welcome you to a new Food of the Gods!
We look forward to seeing you on our website time and time again and sending out the perfect ethical foodie gift with love on your behalf.

Best wishes,


Kaliny G. Laycy
Chief Ethical Foodie